Cowin Lush Cheesecakes

Definition: "Cowin Lush"

In Wales, when something tastes nice, its "Lush". But when it tastes really nice, its "Cowin Lush".

"Cowin Lush" is a phrase that has often described our desserts, especially our cheesecakes.

So much so that we have decided to launch a range of "Cowin Lush Welsh Cheesecakes", made from fresh cream from the Lush Pastures of Wales.

Try an udder one from our range of flavours:

Banoffee Pie, American Blueberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Cookies & Cream, Mixed Summer Berry, Lemon Cello Welshcake, Chocolate & Orange, Baileys... and we are always making more!!

The branding was launched at the Royal Welsh Winter Show in November and the response from the general public was very encouraging as we sold over 2,000 individual cheesecake cups in 2 days. 

This product is available to both the general public and trade customers.